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Halloween Costumes For Dogs Sure to Make You Smile

By Maizy Pulvermacher

It’s Halloween season, which means my humans are dressing me up! Well… more than usual that is.

Do I love wearing a Halloween costume when my humans put them on me?
Not particularly.
Do I love my humans so much I am willing to endure just about anything on their behalf?

Plus, it’s really not that bad. Some of my four legged friends even enjoy wearing them. They say its fun to be something other than a dog for a day.
Hmph. Ok, I get that.

One thing I will admit though, some of the Halloween costumes they make for dogs can sure be cute. Not to mention funny.
I wanted to just share some of my favorites….
Just in case your four legged kid still needs one. 🙂

Pumpkin Dog Halloween Costume
Awe! A classic. My buddy Pickles the 120lb totally needs one of these. 🙂 I bet your pup does too.
Pumpkin Dog Costume
$18.99 at

UPS Guy Dog Halloween Costume
Yes!!! Please Please we all need one of these! Can I please put it on and chase the UPS guy when he comes next time?
UPS Guy Dog Halloween Costume
$12.50 at

Lions Mane Dog Halloween Costume
This one is soooo perfect for me. I would look so cute in it… I totally know it. Would your dog?
Lions Mane Dog Halloween Costume
$13.58 at

Batwings Dog Halloween Costume
Easy and awesome. Any dog would look so cool in this.
Batwings Dogs Halloween Costume
From $12.99 at

Wonder Woman Dog Halloween Costume
What Female Dog Isn’t Already Wonder-ful. My mom says I am! I hope she gets me one of these.
Wonder Woman Dog Costume
$13.99 at

Super Dog Halloween Costume
There’s something about a fella in a cape… just makes them look so cool!
Super Dog Costume
$9.10 at

Werewolf Dog Halloween Costume
I love this one! It’s sure to scare the UPS Guy. OK… maybe it would just make him laugh. Either way, it would make his day to see your dog in it!
Werewolf Dog Halloween Costume
$16.99 at

Skunk Dog Halloween Costume
Ha! What curious dog hasn’t met one of these black and white stinkers? Its fair game frankly to dress up like one, plus its so cute.
Skunk Dog Halloween Costume
$12.99 at

Halloween Dog Sweater
Now this a pup could just wear everyday. Plus, its getting cold, some of us need it!
Halloween Dog Sweater
$9.99 at

Well, I hope you enjoyed these as much as I have. And maybe one is perfect for your pup. You never know until you try!

Ok off, to try to see if there is any Halloween candy laying around anywhere. My human sisters should be getting home from school soon, so I’ll check their rooms before they get here:)

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