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A Dog’s New Year’s Resolution

By Olive Thiel

Well it’s the beginning of another year, and I always like to take this time to sit back and reflect on how the past year went, how I might tackle the challenges of the coming year, and what I hope to ultimately accomplish in my life…

Wait a minute, no I don’t! I’m a dog!!!! I live in the moment, I go where my heart tells me, I listen to my instincts, I stay positive, I’m friendly and automatically love everyone I meet (except those that give me that “icky” feeling), and I shrug off my mistakes and each passing bad experience because I’m always living in the ‘now’, not the past. And I’m always ready for that next bit of fun or that new person to love in my life… while never missing all the amazing and fun things I am doing and have in my life right now.

I’m not obsessed with always looking ahead to finding (or being) something better, to finally making myself worthy or my life worthwhile… I don’t wait for those things, because I don’t have to… I am worthy, I am successful, and my life is worthwhile… NOW.

Truth is, I don’t need to accomplish more either. I don’t need to “be better”. Well… my mom sometimes tells me I do. But only after I won’t come in from outside after she calls me.

But, frankly, I think I’m pretty great as I am. Not perfect no, I’ll keep trying to listen better, and keep trying to do that sit up and beg trick my mom seems so keen on teaching me. But for me, I love myself as I am. And I know my mom does too. In fact, I’ve even caught her laughing a few times as I race around the yard instead of coming in when she calls. Sliding in the grass, kicking up mud, oh what fun just being outside and getting “crazy” can be. That is, if I don’t constantly worry about what it means I’ll have to do later.

And you know what? I’ve accomplished a lot in my life already. For example: I’ve pooped in Home Depot, I swam in an indoor pool (also of which I pooped in), I’ve lived in three different states in just three years, and I’ve managed to keep the same dog tag on my collar from being lost or destroyed for almost 13 months now!

But it’s not all these amazing things I have done that make me so awesome. Frankly, I think its just because I am always myself. Without fear of rejection, without shame or embarrassment, I operate as my true self everyday, following my heart without fear, leaping more often than I stop to think (that does sometimes get me in trouble, but nothing I can’t get out of) and I try to do everything I do with a purpose of love, but without apology.

And you know what? People seem to love it. Whether I am pooping in the pool or I am nailing my sit up and beg… they seem to love me the same and good things seem to always come my way.

While this may not be a perfect system, it’s one that has given me a pretty good life so far, and one that has kept me happy every single day.

So… what’s this Dog’s New Year’s Resolution this Year?


Just keep doing more of the same… Being myself, following my heart, relishing myself and my life right now, and giving love to everyone around me while not being afraid to show them my belly, in the hopes that they might give me some love too.

There is no wrong way to start the New Year all my two-legged and four-legged friends! This is just one humble dogs approach. Sometimes I wonder if the pressure to be ‘more’, and to accomplish ‘more’, can just leave some of us crushed under the weight of it. So maybe try living life like I do…

You never know what could happen. 🙂

Enjoying Life
Enjoying Life
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Fascinated by Nature
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Loving a Nap Anywhere I Can Find One

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