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Black Friday Deals For Dogs, From Amazon and Chewy

By Olive Thiel

So… my mom keeps telling me I need to get a job. 

Like last week at my Aunt Tammy’s, I knocked over a picture frame that was on top of their 3ft high display cabinet in the dining room, and it shattered all over the floor. 

“I am so sorry Tammy, I will pay for that… really”, my mom said in a super sweet voice to my Aunt. 

Then, bending her head down so it was close to mine, she grumbled “Seriously?  You need to stop this stuff.  Or better yet, you need to get a job so you can pay for it yourself.”

There it was again, “You need to get a job…” 

Well, I don’t have one.  If I did, I’d be buying all kinds of cool stuff for MYSELF.  Not buying some picture frame to replace because it got broken… of which, BTW, wasn’t even my fault.

I mean seriously, they hid my cousin Maizy’s bag of dog food behind the cabinet as soon as I got there, instead of leaving it out like they normally do.  So… I was forced to try to find a way to get to it… when they weren’t looking. 

So, with my front paws resting on the edge of the cabinet, much like when I try to grab something off the counter, I could see over it just far enough to spot the bag of dog food behind it, “Jackpot!”

I reached out my right front paw as my other paw kept me propped up against it, I tried to stretch it as far as I could across the cabinet, gently extending it as far back as I could manage.  “Almost there….” 

And that’s when the picture frame fell and broke. 

I mean, THEY put the food back there… what do they expect a 3-year-old black lab like me to do!?!?! 

Anyway… “You need a job…” I was told again. 

Well, it got me thinking… if I had one, I could take advantage of all these amazing Black Friday Deals that are coming up, some happening now!  So… I’ve been searching around trying to find the coolest stuff I would buy.  I narrowed it down to just a few things that really caught my eye.  And, while I will have to hope my mom is generous enough to buy them for me because I can’t buy them myself… I thought I’d at least go ahead and share them with you guys… just in case you have money to buy them yourself.

Here they are:

Furbo Dog Camera: Treat Tossing, Full HD Wifi Pet Camera and 2-Way Audio, Designed for Dogs, Compatible with Alexa (As Seen On Ellen)

Right now (4:12 ET 11/21) its 20% off. But it will be up to 33% off between now and the end of Black Friday. Copy this link to check later : Or click the above image, and bookmark it in your browser to keep checking back.
Mom, PLEASE!!!!!!

Wisdom Panel 3.0 Canine DNA Test – Dog DNA Test Kit for Breed and Ancestry Information

Right now (4:12 ET 11/21) its 18% off. But it will be up to 33% off between now and the end of Black Friday. Copy this link to check later: Or click the above image, and bookmark it in your browser to keep checking back.
OMG! I wonder if I get my sneezing problem from my mom?!?!?!

Frisco Tufted Lounger Square Dog Bed, Gray, Large/X-Large

This is 20% off Right Now! (4:12 ET 11/21) Click now to buy now!
Oh… this would be so good for my back…

Chewy 20% Off Beds, Crates and More.

If fact, Chewy has a BUNCH of stuff on sale Already! Check it our here:
I so need all of it….

Or, Check These Links on Black Friday to See The Surprise Deals They Haven’t Even Told Us About Yet!

Black Friday Pet Deals From Amazon

Black Friday Pet Deals From Chewy

That’s It! I’m a pup of simple tastes, so only a select few of the best holiday deals out there to share with you. But, check back on Black Friday. There are sure to be so many more!!!

Until then, have a great thanksgiving everyone.

And here’s to hoping your humans drop the turkey on the way to the table!!!

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