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How to Save $7.50 on Bones That Will Keep The Biggest Chewers Busy for an Hour!

By Olive Thiel

The other day I was at this high end Pet Shop… and while my mom had her back to me, I grabbed an entire foot long bully stick out of a bin and had it nearly finished before my mom even had time to turn around and grab it from me.

It was awesome!

Although, apparently, my mom had to pay for it. I heard her grumble as we walked out, “That 30 seconds of fun you just had in there…? Cost me $10.50”.

The first few months of my life with my mom (also the first few months of my life in general), I consumed more bully sticks, chew ropes and various “long lasting chews” than I can even still dream about. I had a lot of energy, and I think she was just trying to keep me busy. Well, it wasn’t until she discovered Raw Bones, frozen marrow bones that are kept in the freezer, that she found something that could actually keep me busy for a long time.

So, for a while…. I was happy because I got an AMAZING treat, and she was happy because I didn’t get into trouble, or try to bother her for a few hours a couple days a week.

The problem was, all the pet brands that made them… charged about $8.99 for one half pound bone.

Well, we dialed back the bones as my energy levels ‘leveled’ out so to speak, until someone told her how to save $7.50 on each of these fantastic bones.

“Get them from your local grocery store,” they told her. “They are the same exact ‘marrow bones’ used for soup (also called soup bones or femur bones) that the butcher always has frozen in the back”.

And the price???? $2.99 a pound usually, or $1.50 for my usual sized bones.

YES! More bones for me, more money for my mom.:)

Simply ask your grocery stores butcher for a few half pound raw soup bones (you can ask for larger or smaller bones depending on your dog’s size as they cut them from the frozen cow itself), and you’ve got yourselves hours of peace and quiet, for less than $2 each.

That’s it. A simple tip for my fellow bone connoisseurs. Tell your humans, tell your friends… let’s just make this world a much more tasty place.

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